Welcome to Rapid Recovery Solution

“When it comes to debt collection, we understand that you need your funds recovered as quickly as possible”

At Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc., we utilize the best tactics and highest standards of customer service in order to provide excellent collection services. Our attorney-based collection company acts as more than a mere bill collector—we form a partnership with our clients that ensures rapid debt collection with personalized solutions. This personalized approach has helped our clients all over the world successfully recover funds. Our debt collection agency is equipped to handle complex and unique cases, making Rapid Recovery Solution your best bet for success. Contact us today for a free quote and let your accounts receivable department get back to important tasks while you wait to get paid.

The Rapid Recovery Solution Approach to Debt Collection

“We don’t give up until the job is done and your money is recovered!”

Rapid Recovery Solution employs highly-trained professional debt collectors. A debt collector will begin working on your case just thirty minutes after placement. We back our services with a guarantee and work quickly, as we know that each day without your funds negatively impacts your profits and business costs. After 45 days, we will report to the credit bureaus to press the debtor to pay. A local debt collection attorney will be contacted after 90 days for suit if funds are not returned. We are fully committed to recovering unpaid debts for our clients. Contact us for a free quote and begin enjoying the benefits of our collection services.

A Perfect Solution Backed by Our Payment Guarantee

“Rapid Recovery Solution guarantees you receive your funds or our collection services are free”

Unfortunately, bad debt collection services are on the rise. Many companies believe they are equipped to handle difficult cases and debtors when they actually aren’t. We could not offer this guarantee if we were not successful in handling almost every debt collection case. Other collection agencies wouldn’t dream of offering such a guarantee, and it is just one more way we look out for our clients.

We invite you to browse our site and learn more about our collection services. Whether you require a collections agency for credit collection, medical billing collection, or any kind of commercial collection, our agency is ready to assist you and help you get paid. Contact us when you are ready to begin and receive your free quote now.