Accounts receivable

The accounts receivable department is vital to any business. While the department certainly acts as a bill collector, their important duties do not stop there. The department is also responsible for debt collection efforts, seeking out unpaid debts and keeping track of what is owed. Whether the department handles medical billing, credit collection, or other everyday debt collection tasks, gone-bad debt collection cases can quickly overwhelm an already busy account receivables department.

When accounts receivable departments become overwhelmed, they may not be able to recover funds. Debts that are left unpaid and pursued for a long time continue to cost your business money, and it may be smart to begin looking into debt collection services. A collection agency can assist your accounts receivable department with difficult debt collection cases.

A collections agency can provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved recovery rates
  • Reverse credits to the P&L
  • Quicker case resolutions
  • Discovery of potential un-billed profits
  • Cleaning up A/R backlogs
  • Identifying core sources
  • Preventing post-audits
  • Reconciling balance sheets

Rapid Recovery Solutions is an experienced debt collection company. The skilled debt collectors at RRS will recover your funds, allowing your accounts receivable department to focus on other important aspects of your business. A debt collector will handle your case quickly after placement, giving you peace of mind and preventing further loss of time and money to chasing down unpaid debt.

Other collection agencies take large cuts of recovered funds and may never pay you much at all. Rapid Recovery Solutions is different. A guarantee protects your funds, and our commercial collection agency ensures that each case is handled in a personalized way that optimizes the chance for recovery. Contact us today for a free quote and allow our collection services to work for you.

Why Choose Rapid Recovery Solution?

  • On-Line Reporting
  • On-Line Placements
  • Prompt Remittance
  • Low Rates
  • Highly trained, professional debt collectors
  • Highest Recovery Ratios
  • Free Demand service
  • Customized outsourcing
  • Bonded collection attorneys
  • Dedicated customer service
  • 13 Year Industry Leader
  • Fully Licensed*, Bonded* and Insured

Our customer service department is standing by with live customer support. You are in good hands with RRS, and we believe that excellent customer service is the key to success in any business partnership. Allow us to help your accounts receivable department and recover your funds as quickly and efficiently as possible. We handle everything and alert you each step of the way. Feel free to browse our site to learn more, receive a free quote, or call 866-944-8610 to speak with a live representative. We look forward to working with you.