Place a claim

Please use the form below to submit a claim. You can also contact us to discuss your options or acquire additional information about our debt collection services. You may also receive a PDF of the Placement Form if you prefer to fax us your information. The minimum amount for placement is $50.00 unless you have contacted us concerning alternate arrangements.

What happens after I place a claim?

After you place your claim, our debt collection agency will begin recovering your funds. By using commercial collection agency services, you are sending a strong message to debtors that you will not be ignored or forget about the owed sum. A debt collector from our agency will begin contacting your debtor via phone and send them a letter to let them know their case has been placed in our hands.

The first communication with your debtor will include information we are legally required to submit to them regarding our services. We are required to alert debtors of their legal rights and important information regarding the status of past-due accounts. This information includes the name of the creditor, amounts owed, that our agency reports cases to credit bureaus, and that the debtor has 30 days from letter date to request debt verification or to dispute the claim.

Our debt collectors will continue to attempt recovering funds until a resolution is reached. Please visit our FAQ and other pages to learn more about how our debt collections agency attempts to recover owed debts.

Can I continue to pursue funds after the case has been placed with a collection agency?

You must cease sending statements to your debtor after placing a claim with a collection agency. No collection attempts may occur on your part after placement.

What if my debtor contacts or pays me after placement?

If your debtor contacts you after placement, please forward that communication to us. You must notify us IMMEDIATELY if a debtor has submitted a payment to you. We will then send you an invoice. Please note that reporting payments is required under our Collection Agreement and that it is illegal to make demands on paid accounts.


By submitting this information for placement with Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc., you acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions. You understand that you are required to report all payments, bankruptcy notices, and any communications from the debtor directly to Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. You agree to report all of the above and immediately stop all collection efforts on your part. You agree to provide us a copy of any paperwork that will verify the debt, as requested by Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc.

By submitting a placement request, you agree to pay commissions owed to Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. in the event that:
to Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. if:

1) RRS collects any funds owed to you from the debtor on the account,
2) RRS discovers the account was previously paid by the debtor,
3) you withdraw your account after demand for payment has been made,
4) you receive any funds paid to you directly from the debtor or
5) you accept merchandise returns as payment.

Please understand that submitting an account to collection agencies isn’t something to take lightly. Ensure that you have read, understood, and agreed to all terms and conditions. Fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible to prevent delays and problems. It is extremely important to report any payments or communications submitted to you from your debtor. Charged rates will be based on a 50% scale unless alternative arrangements have been made.


Minimum placement amount is $50.00 unless prior arrangements have been made.



 No Response  Check Returned  Disputed
 Mail Returned  Claims Inability To Pay  Phone Disconnected

If the debtor requests verification, we will email you to request it.

In order to speed up the recovery process please send all supporting documents at the time of placement.


We refer the above account(s) for collection. You, as our agent, are authorized to proceed at once to collect the account(s). Commission will be charged on accounts collected, paid direct or compromised in any way including merchandise returns and paid before collection. You are authorized to accept payment and to endorse checks, notes, money orders or drafts for deposit; the net proceeds of which you are to remit to us. Special authorization is not required to move to legal demand, file suit, compromise or grant an extension. All clients without valid contracts will default to standard rates. We agree to report any contact or payment from the debtor immediately. By placing these delinquent account(s) with RRS, you are certifying that these are valid debts and agree to be liable for all legal cost(s) if RRS has to defend an action brought against RRS because the debt is not valid.

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