Rapid Recovery Solution pays you up to 75% of the recovered amount—much more than other collection agencies. It’s your money…why shouldn’t you get more of it?

How Are Rates Calculated?

Our debt collection company utilizes a pay scale based on the age and dollar value of the account. The volume of accounts is also considered.

Commercial/Business Accounts: 25% Average
Consumer Accounts: 38% Average

The above rates reflect average payouts. Payouts may vary on a case-by-case basis. In general, older debt requires more effort and time to collect, meaning the cost will be higher. Larger debts will result in cheaper collection service rates, as the collected amount is higher.

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The Value of Hiring a Collection Agency

Rapid Recovery Solution gives you back your money and merely takes a cut. This means the service doesn’t actually cost you anything. Your delinquent accounts will give you nothing unless you retrieve the debt somehow. By using our collection services, you get some of your money back instead of none at all. Additionally, the costs of keeping your accounts receivable department on delinquent cases for long periods of time costs you money. You may stand to lose money if you let debt go unpaid for too long. It only makes sense to hire a debt collection company when your account receivables department needs a hand.

We only get paid if you get paid—it’s our guarantee. Our collection services are provided at absolutely no risk to you.

You are GUARANTEED to get paid or our services are free.

Stop playing bill collector and let us get you back your deserved funds. Our experienced debt collectors are able to handle complex debt collection cases and ensure the best chances at recovering your funds. A debt collector will begin working on your case quickly so that you can get back to running your business. Contact us today or request your free quote and allow our commercial debt collection services to work for you.