Commercial Collection Agency

Rapid Recovery Solution Improves Debt Collection Recovery Rates on United States and Global Accounts

Established in 1999, Rapid Recovery Solution has been successfully handling bad debt collection and delinquent accounts receivable cases for Business-to-Business firms across the country and internationally. Led by John Monderine, our highly-trained teams of debt collectors and professionals use world-class debt collection systems to successfully recover funds for clients. With efficient debt collection services and high rates of pay, Rapid Recovery Solution ensures that more of your money makes it into your pocket.

A Debt Collector Will Handle Your Case with a Personal Touch. Enjoy the Benefits of Our Collection Agency Services, Including:

  • The expert knowledge and methods of our experienced debt collection professionals
  • Consistent and reliable handling of all accounts with frequent updates and reassurance that our collections agency is meeting performance goals and working to collect your money as quickly as possible
  • Highest rates of recovery in the credit collection industry on both domestic and international delinquent accounts. 87% of paying debtors pay in three weeks or less, and 56% of debtors do pay overall. These figures far exceed the 14% benchmark achieved by a well-known Collection Agency Association.
  • Expertise in global debt collection and a professional staff of multilingual debt collectors and international specialists. With offices in Asia and Europe and a network consisting of over 2000 attorneys and collection agencies worldwide, you can rest easy that your debt is recoverable from nearly anywhere in the world.


Full-Service Commercial Collection Agency

Rapid Recovery Solution successfully recovers debt for accounts of every volume and cash amount. Whether accounts are a few days delinquent or a few months delinquent, we are equipped to recover funds in the U.S., Canada, and over 200 countries worldwide.

Experienced Debt Collection

Since 1999, Rapid Recovery Solution has been a commercial collection agency. All third-party collectors are certified Senior Collection Professionals, and ten years of experience in debt collection means your case is being expertly handled. Our collections agency is also Collectors Guild International certified.

International Debt Collection Services You Can Trust

Very few collection agencies in America specialize in international debt collection. Rapid Recovery Solution is the first and only private commercial collection agency to be honored by the Debt Collectors Guild International. This honor was granted based on our excellent network of debt collection attorneys from all over the world—the same expert network that will be working for you as a client of our collection agency.

In fact, Rapid Recovery Solution works with over 2000 affiliate commercial debt collection agencies and attorneys in major metropolitan areas worldwide. When you require legal assistance, they are there to help you recover your debt without a hassle.

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