Custodial Support Foundation

Custodial cases are very challenging and personal. Not receiving support payments hurts both parent and child, making life challenging and stressful. To help custodial parents receive what they are entitled to under the law, Rapid Recovery Solution has teamed up with The Custodial Support Foundation.

The Custodial Support Foundation maintains a comprehensive collection program that provides affordable services to custodial parents who are struggling to collect child support. Custodial parents gain the support they need to seize and liquidate the noncustodial parent’s assets to satisfy support payment requirements. You can learn more about the program and subscribe by clicking here.

The Collection Program provides the following services:

  1. Collections and Payment of Arrears Bounty Alert notifies its collection agency once a judgment or court order has been put in place. The collection agency recovers and liquidates assets in compliance with the court order or judgment. These assets may include bank accounts, homes, vehicles, businesses, equipment, furniture, and so on. A team of recovery agents will also be utilized to assist in the apprehension of noncustodial parents with child support warrants.
  2. Legal Documents to Collect, Seize and Liquidate Assets – Bounty Alert provides the legal documents, locations, and procedures custodial parents need to file motions and lawsuits against noncustodial parents for fees, arrears, rewards, and lost wages. These documents include those needed to seize and liquidate a noncustodial parent’s assets.
  3. Refund of Fees – Bounty Alert’s collection agency pays arrears to the custodial parent’s support agency and refunds expenses and fees collected once assets are liquidated or arrears are paid by the noncustodial parent, and fees are included in the judgment or court order.
  4. Private Investigations to Locate Noncustodial parents, their Income and Assets – Bounty Alert provides services to locate noncustodial parents and their assets.
  5. Apprehending Noncustodial Parents with Arrest Warrants –  Child support arrest warrants may be used to seize and liquidate the noncustodial parent’s assets. The Collection Program utilizes over 30 fugitive recovery agencies to perform apprehension services.

Documents and Assistance Provided:

  • Private Investigative Services to locate noncustodial parents and their assets
  • Step-by-step instructions to file a lawsuit against a noncustodial parent
  • Legal documentation and filing preparations against the noncustodial parent for collection of arrears and fees.
  • Collection Service agreements to collect arrears and seize and liquidate the noncustodial parent’s assets
  • Attorney Appearance Agreement to have an attorney file court documents and make court appearances*
  • Filing instructions & locations
  • Apprehension release agreement to contract a fugitive recovery agency to apprehend a noncustodial parent
  • 24-hour call center to ask questions and receive answers to critical questions

Investigations, Legal, Collections and Apprehension Service for Only 13 Payments of $30 or a one-time payment of $350

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Refunded Fees – Fees are refunded with collection of arrears. Click here to learn more.

Collection Program Services Provided by Bounty Alert. Bounty Alert was developed with the support of lawyers and law enforcement agents. Explore the most-comprehensive fugitive recovery network in existence and put power on your side.

The Custodial Support Foundation Never Accepts Any portion of Child Support as Payment.