Deep Skip Trace

Deep Skip Trace From Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery Solution uses Deep Skip Trace techniques to track down missing debtors and recover funds. Our debt collection agency conducts tests with investigative skip vendors on a methodical basis to ensure proficiency and enhanced results. We consistently seek out the best companies in the industry in order to acquire the best information and strategies to meet the needs of our clients. We only use industry leaders who will best represent the quality collection services provided by RRS.

Acquisition of Debtors’ Personal Information

The investigative agencies utilize various methods to track down debtors who have gone missing. When bad debt collection cases get to the point of a missing debtor, it is necessary to utilize professionals to track down the individual. Even the most excellent accounts receivable departments require assistance in this regard. A variety of methods are used to track down missing debtors, allowing our collection company to recover funds quickly in even complex cases.

Social Security Number

  • A SSN search is conducted to obtain all listed numbers. The SSN is then verified so that new addresses and contact information may be obtained.

Directory Assistance

  • Directory searches allow recovery of old and new addresses. Reverse searches offer more avenues of recovering information, increasing the chances a debtor will be found.

Area Code Cross Reference

  • A search of all possible area codes and phone numbers. Collected numbers are then called in order to track down the debtor.

Tracking Down the Debtor

While this process seems like a lot for a bill collector or collections agency to go through, the deep skip trace goal is actually simple—contact the debtor via phone. Calls are completed during prime hours and are conducted manually by various skip vendors. By calling numbers acquired in searches, our commercial collection agency is able to rule out incorrect numbers and obtain new information from the debtor’s contacts. Numbers also help identify the debtor’s place of employment, new addresses, or additional contact information.

Verified information is returned to the collector as acquired. It generally only takes a few days to begin obtaining the correct information about a debtor. The process is complete once all efforts and modes of tracking down the debtor are exhausted.

Failure to Acquire Information

It is important to realize that information may fail to yield results, despite best practices and efforts. Please understand that refunds will not be given in these cases, and there is no guarantee that a located debtor will be able to pay the owed funds.

Only the best collection agencies offer the complex Deep Skip Trace methods needed to recover your funds. Whether your case involves medical billing, credit collection, or some other unpaid sum, it is possible to locate missing debtors and get your money back. Give your accounts receivable department a break and allow our skilled debt collectors to pay you. A debt collector will begin working quickly to recover the money that is rightfully yours—even when a debtor is being exceptionally difficult or has disappeared. Contact us today to receive a free quote.