Glossary of legal terms

Acceleration Clause – A clause in contracts of debt which makes the entire amount due upon the debtors default.

Accord And Satisfaction – A settlement agreement by which a claim is satisfied and discharged.

Acknowledgment – When a claim reaches an attorney’s office he must send an acknowledgment letting the forwarder know that the file was received by his office and that he agrees with the rates outlined.

Action – A suit at law or in equity.

Actionable – Affording grounds for a legal action.

Administrator - One appointed to manage and distribute an estate where the decedent has not left a will, or where for some reason an executor has not been appointed or qualified under the will.

Advanced Court Costs – Those funds advanced by the plaintiff so that counsel may pay the appropriate fees for the filing of suit and process of service.

Affidavit – A statement sworn to or affirmed before an official who is authorized to administer oaths – usually a notary public.

After-Acquired Property – Property which a debtor acquires after the execution of a mortgage or other form of indebtedness and which secures such indebtedness.

Agency - An agency is a collection agency to which claims are referred for collection by creditors.

Agent – A person authorized by another, i.e., the principal, to act for him.