Dear John, I cannot begin to express how grateful we are for the efforts of Rapid Recovery Solution. In the short time that we have placed accounts with your organization, we have begun to see a solid return on accounts that we deemed uncollectible. On one account alone, after eight months of effort on our part, you were able to secure payment arrangements for $50,000 after one week! A large part of our happiness with your organization derives from our interaction with Rapid Recovery Solution.  Your collectors, as well as your support personnel, are very professional and personable to deal with. Any questions that I have had been resolved within 24 hours. Finally, the benefit to us in using Rapid Recovery Solution is not just in the money you return to us, but in the method it is done. Feedback that I have received is that your staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional in dealing with our clients. You have represented our company well with our clients which could assist in some of the clients returning to us. Thank you once again for your efforts! We truly appreciate them!

Dear Rapid Recovery,

Thank you for your quick response to our debt collection issues. In the last 4 weeks we have recovered and closed on 6 of the 10 accounts we originally sent to you. You promised a quick solution and you have responded. I would highly recommend your firm for debt collection. You have taken care of our issues in a very timely fashion and your debt
collection attorneys have taken time to explain the different legal situations clearly. Again thank you for your hard work and I will be in touch with any more issues that may arise.

Please know that it was a pleasure working with you, and we will definitely contact you for future collection cases.

I felt obligated to write this recommendation to tell y’all how much I appreciate your phenomenal commercial collection services. In addition to regular collections, your knowledge in credit management has been invaluable to our company. Overall, this is one area of the business that I know is being handled as proficiently and effectively as possible. Rapid Recovery Solution is a true partner.